Music Room

Ms. Ana’s Music Room

TV/Media Room

Ms. Ana’s TV/Media Room

Game Room

Ms. Ana’s Game Room

Ana’s Teletherapy Office (Main)

Welcome to Ms. Ana’s Teletherapy Office! This page is considered to be her “Main” Office and will take you to various rooms throughout including a Game Room, TV/Movie Room, Music Room, Library, Education Room, Feelings Room, Art Room, and Outdoor Area.

Games and Activities

Dog (Callie):

Hot Air Balloon Photo:


Other Rooms

  • Slide #1 (Main Office)
  • Slide #2 (Game Room): Pile of Games
  • Slide #3 (TV Room): TV on Wall
  • Slide #4 (Music Room): Speaker
  • Slide #5 (Library): Book
  • Slide #6 (Education): Pile of Papers
  • Slide #7 (Feelings): Bitmoji Character
  • Slide #8 (Art): Art Supplies
  • Slide #9 (Meditation): Window