Ana’s Teletherapy Office (Main)

Welcome to Ms. Ana’s Teletherapy Office! This page is considered to be her “Main” Office and will take you to various rooms throughout including a Game Room, TV/Movie Room, Music Room, Library, Education Room, Feelings Room, Art Room, and Outdoor Area.

Games and Activities

Dog (Callie):

Hot Air Balloon Photo:


Other Rooms

  • Slide #1 (Main Office)
  • Slide #2 (Game Room): Pile of Games
  • Slide #3 (TV Room): TV on Wall
  • Slide #4 (Music Room): Speaker
  • Slide #5 (Library): Book
  • Slide #6 (Education): Pile of Papers
  • Slide #7 (Feelings): Bitmoji Character
  • Slide #8 (Art): Art Supplies
  • Slide #9 (Meditation): Window

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